Full Name
Faryn Brown
Job Title
Director of Addressable Strategy
Speaker Bio
Faryn Brown is the Director of Addressable Strategy at Matterkind where she has worked for almost 5 years! Faryn began her career in a more traditional digital role on an investment team, working across the luxury travel vertical bringing large custom partnerships to life. As the addressable world began to grow, so did Faryns interest in a more audience first approach to advertising. Faryn currently leads strategy across addressable omni-channel campaigns for Astrazeneca and prides herself on being a go-to resource within the pharma space.

Faryn is very passionate about the addressable DOOH world and has championed many first to market campaigns across both Direct to Consumer and Health care Professional campaigns. Across both lines of business, Faryn and her team have been able to prove out the success addressable DOOH has had on the full media plan.

When not creating exciting new strategies for addressable activation, Faryn can be found doing research for her next vacation, regretting signing up for an early morning workout, or at a local UES bar hanging out with her friends!
Faryn Brown